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Standing before Love Chapter 741

Standing before Love Chapter 741 (Final Chapter)

However, before Myra could digest the incidents, a knock on the door emerged again. Zayne’s eyes lit up at once as he reckoned it was most probably Jason this time.

Sure enough, Jason appeared in front of them with injuries. Leon found Jason rather unfamiliar as it was natural for one to not remember a driver’s appearance.

“You’re finally here, Jason!” Heather exclaimed in surprise upon seeing him as she had waited for him for a long time.

“Zayne Lee.” With a cold look, Jason walked up to Zayne and tilted his head to look at him. “Stop acting. I know you’re not injured.”

Zayne stared at Jason awkwardly as he had not expected to be seen through by Jason so easily. Meanwhile, the others glanced toward Zayne in shock.

“Congratulations. Your plan to lure the enemy out has succeeded. Now, I can tell you with certainty that the mastermind behind all these is Caleb Moriarty.” It was very rare for Jason to spit out such a long sentence.

The others were not surprised upon hearing Caleb’s name. In fact, Heather had always suspected Caleb, but after a few incidents in the past, she had her suspicions on someone else.

Zayne smiled in satisfaction as his guess was right. He wished to get out of the bed but unfortunately, he had casts all over his body.

“Jason, please help me to remove the casts.” Zayne sought Jason’s help.

However, Jason’s arm was wrapped with bandages because he was shot, so he couldn’t help Zayne at all.

“Just lie on the bed and spit it out if there’s anything you’d like to say,” Heather said coldly. Although she still resented Zayne for faking a car accident to bluff them, at least they had finally caught the mastermind this time.

“I’ve been suspecting Caleb before this but I couldn’t find any evidence. Now, I’m certain that all that has happened is thanks to him,” Zayne exclaimed excitedly. His effort did not go down the drain as the culprit was finally caught.

“So, Myra was abducted by Caleb too?” Heather pointed at Myra and asked while the latter was still in confusion.

“Yeah, Caleb tampered with Myra’s memories. He’s also the one who resulted in Old Master Langston’s illness,” Zayne said mysteriously while the others remained puzzled.

Perceiving that the others had not figured out what was going on, Zayne started explaining to them in detail. Meanwhile, Jason had sat down on the only chair in the ward. After all, he was the real patient here.

“Caleb is conducting some bizarre biology research in private. Besides drugs that can tamper with one’s memory, he has some fatal ones too. His motive is to develop a bioweapon.” It was only until now did Zayne understand Caleb’s real motive, thinking of which he thought Caleb was insane.

Hearing that, Tony asked worriedly, “Will there be any complications on Myra and the fetus?” He was worried that the drugs that Caleb gave Myra would affect Myra’s health and the baby in her belly.

“Don’t worry. The drug that tampers with one’s memory does not have any negative side effects. The major focus of his bioweapon is the fatal drug. His goal is to combine the fatal drug with the memory-tampering drug.” Zayne had done research regarding the drugs before, so he could tell the details accurately.

Meanwhile, Heather was worried about Robert too, so she asked in a fluster, “Then can my grandpa’s illness be cured?” They had not expected Caleb to be this cruel to perform such experiments on an elder and a pregnant woman.

“Besides causing the victim to develop a weird disease and endangering his or her life, the fatal drug doesn’t seem to have other toxic side effects. I believe if we can find some experienced doctor to treat Old Master Langston, he will recover.” Zayne had stolen both the drugs and had just received the drug analysis report recently.

“What kind of bioweapon will it turn out to be if both the drugs are combined?” Leon was more interested in this matter.

“I’m not too sure about that. Caleb is the General of Leisfeld. I reckon he is secretly conducting experiments in Bradfort City in order to return to Leisfeld and seize power.” Zayne was quite certain that this was Caleb’s motive. Nonetheless, he had already secretly informed Caleb’s political opponent about these issues.

Truth was, the old man whom Zayne and Jason met in Bradfort City last time was Caleb’s political opponent––he was even Caleb’s superior!

It wasn’t hard to think that Caleb’s motive of developing the bioweapon was to use it against his superior in order to achieve his unspeakable purpose. But alas, Zayne had seen through his scheme. Right now, Caleb was probably in deep water because the old man was not a pushover, and he would surely destroy Caleb.

“It seems like the so-called bioweapon isn’t that scary after all,” Leon mumbled. In the past, he thought a bioweapon was an extremely terrifying substance that could cause World War III. However, it seemed like he had overthought.

“Something big will happen in Leisfeld soon,” Zayne said mysteriously. “But anyway, Caleb’s days are ending soon. I wonder if he would die in exile or be killed in Bradfort City.”

With that, Zayne started guffawing. Before this, he had been fooled by Caleb. Thinking of Caleb’s miserable situation, Zayne felt like revenge had been taken.

“Why would Caleb want to conduct the experiments of the two drugs on Myra and Old Master Langston?” Tony asked a key question. At this moment, he was dying to slaughter Caleb himself.

“Because the Moriartys have a feud with both the Harts and the Langstons, and it just so happened you guys have a weak old man and a pregnant woman in your families. Therefore, he chose them as lab rats and took this opportunity to mess around with you guys to stir some trouble,” Zayne said proudly. He knew this was just Caleb’s first strike, and the latter might have many more wicked schemes behind this. However, Caleb was already in deep water now, so those wicked schemes would not be possible anymore.

“Then where’s Caleb now?” Heather would not forgive Caleb as she wanted to make sure he receives his retributions.

“I have no idea.” Zayne was still lying on the bed. How would he know Caleb’s whereabouts right now?

Just then, Jason who had remained silent all the while spoke up. “He’s dead. I killed him.” After having killed countless people, Jason brought up the matter as if he was talking about an ordinary event.

Heather and Tony, who initially desired to seek revenge against Caleb, exchanged glances after hearing that their enemy had already been dealt with.

Too many things had happened today, and everyone needed some time to digest. Nevertheless, the pressing matter was for Heather and Tony to bring Robert and Myra for a complete check-up in the hospital. Three days had passed, and there were no other health issues observed in Myra and Robert. At the same time, Robert was gradually recovering under the treatment of an experienced doctor.

A week later, something serious had indeed happened in Leisfeld just as expected. The Moriartys in Leisfeld were massacred by the rebels. Meanwhile, Caleb the General had disappeared too. Leisfeld was thrown into political turmoil and the opposition party was destroyed in no time.

Looking at the old man’s amiable face from the TV, Zayne thought it was true that one couldn’t judge the book by its cover. The old man was extremely cruel and had spared no one. Caleb had implicated his entire family––even children were not given mercy. Zayne glanced at Jason who was beside him as he wondered if Jason had once exterminated an entire family before too.

Jason glanced at Zayne and read his mind immediately. “I only kill adult males.” Jason was not that savage yet.

“Things are finally coming to an end.” Zayne switched the topic awkwardly.

“Mm-hmm, and it’s time to return to Britain,” Jason hummed in response. What he actually meant was that he intended to go back to Britain with Zayne.

The two brothers exchanged glances. Zayne had earned a fortune this time around as everyone had given him tokens of appreciation. As such, his bread would be buttered for life.

“We can open a store in Britain and enjoy being bosses for the rest of our life. What do you think?” Zayne said confidently as he was hopeful about the future.

“Whatever,” Jason said nonchalantly but was actually secretly pleased.

Meanwhile, Leon’s family had enough fun in Bradfort City. Now that the city had restored its usual peace, the family planned to go home while Leon would leave with them too this time.

Dave had been longing for Leon to get married in Bradfort City, but alas, things didn’t turn out as he wished. Although Dave was rather fond of Heather, he was content that Leon would follow them back this time. At least, Leon had promised to learn to manage the family’s business. Dave was wishing for Leon to be more dedicated from now on as he felt that Leon would be able to restore the glory of the family.

On the other hand, Heather had been staying at home all day to keep an eye on Robert and ensure that he took his medication. Currently, Robert was like a child as he even needed someone to supervise him to take his medicine. As such, Heather was rather resigned too.

When Robert had almost recovered, it was almost time for Myra to give birth, so Heather devoted herself once again to taking care of someone. At this time, it was Myra.

Time passed quickly, as days felt like years, Matthias spent his days behind bars. Locke Group had completely perished, and the business circle of Bradfort City had been restored to its original state. While Hart Group was thriving, Langston Group had fallen from its peak and was declining rapidly.

Currently, the Harts dominate the business circle of Bradfort City. Occasionally, Heather would still tease Tony, saying that she wanted to start a business a Bradfort City in the future to match him.

Finally, it had come to the day of Matthias’ release from prison. Despite her busy schedule, Heather had squeezed out some time to pick Matthias up. Matthias had spotted Heather from a distance while Heather stared at him sorrowfully as she had never seen him this sloppy.

Taking advantage of this moment when Heather’s heart was softened, Matthias knelt down and put on a narcissistic smile. “Heather, today is the day I’m released from prison, and it’s also the day of my rebirth. Will you marry me although I have nothing at all?” The sudden proposal had attracted the crowd’s attention.

Just as Heather was at a loss, Tony called. “Myra is in the hospital now and she’s going into labor. Come over quickly,” Tony said anxiously at the other end of the line.

With that, Heather had gotten an excuse. She pulled Matthias, who was kneeling on one knee, up from the ground and said, “Myra is going into labor. We have to hurry to the hospital.”

When they arrived at the hospital, Myra was already in the delivery room, so they could only wait anxiously outside. After quite some time, a loud baby cry emerged from inside the delivery room. Heather grasped Matthias’ hands tightly as she was extremely agitated.

Soon, Myra was pushed out of the delivery room with her babies placed next to her. They were fraternal twins! Seeing Tony’s happy look, Matthias couldn’t help but whisper beside Heather’s ear, “Look. They have a pair of children already. We shall keep up too. Will you marry me?”

Matthias was determined to get a yes from Heather who was actually envious of seeing this scene. Then, she glanced at Matthias, who was standing next to her in a mess and nodded. “Yes.”

Matthias was overjoyed as he stared at Heather. Hugging her tightly, he felt like he had owned the world.

“But, I’ll only be willing to put on a wedding gown after our new company can hold a candle to Hart Group,” Heather said stubbornly. Of course, she wouldn’t let Matthias bring her home that easily.

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