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Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake Chapter 79

79- Desire

They were walking on the sidewalk, hand in hand, carrying coffee cups. Both of them were quiet, busy with their thoughts. He was looking even sexier with the same cold and lethal aura.

“Why you bought me this coffee?” her question stopped him giving her a chance to step before him, facing him.

“Because someone was so much mad at me that all this time, she did not drink her coffee. I wanted some alone time with you, coffee girl.” He tucked her hair strand behind her ear with the same gentle expression. “You don’t like it here?”

“Place doesn’t count anymore, Hunter. It’s you.” She said smiling.

I learned it the hard way! She told him quietly.

“It’s me? Really? Am I more important than your coffee then?” His eyes twinkled.

“Nah. Never.” Her answer made him chuckle.

Just then the drizzling started.

“Are you staying in a hotel?” she asked him taking a big chug of her coffee. To which he nodded and put an arm around her, he started tracking back.

She wanted to kiss him. But now she was scared. Last time her boldness cost her separation from him. She did not want it again.

As long as he was there. Nothing mattered.

Not even intimacy. Or her desire.

They both came to Sapphire Galaxy’s penthouse not overly wet but Hunter asked her to go and change.

“I don’t have my clothes here.” She complained. Her luggage was still at Wyatt’s place.

“As if you care! It’s always my t-shirt. Remember?” He rolled his eyes making her giggle.

When she came out in the living room, he was already there in his comfy cotton t-shirt and half pants which showed his muscular legs, leaning his head on the back of the sofa.

Some sports channel was blinking on the TV but instead of watching it, he was just staring at the ceiling.

She went back to the bedroom to take her phone. She wanted to message Ethan to send her the video of the Manhattan meeting to show it to Hunter. She knew he would be happy. When she was about to turn away, to leave the room, her eyes fell on something on the nightstand.

It was a coffee colored paper.

The same paper she had given him to write for a birthday wish.

Gulping down her anxiety, she went near it and picked it up. She did not know why she was feeling goosebumps while unfolding it.

Her heart dropped to the floor when she read the single word written on it.



His head was leaned back on the sofa with his eyes closed when he felt her presence.

He opened his eyes and found her standing there. She was on the verge of crying. He frowned and then stood abruptly, “Sugar.”

He tried to touch her but she pushed his hand away and whispered, “Don’t touch me.”

He was confused.

What the hell happened during those few minutes that made her so much distraught?

“Abi!” then he saw the coffee colored paper in her hand.


“Abigail. I can explain this.” He tried to hold her face but she took a step back. “Explain what, Hunter?” Tears had started running down her cheeks. ” That night in study room…”

Hunter closed his eyes, “Abigail. Don’t.”

“Don’t? You DON’T want to talk about it, Hunter? That night I came to you, Hunter. Because I wanted you.”

Here. She admitted it.

Right now she was angry. Mad at him!

Otherwise under normal circumstances she would never had said this, never had admitted it.

“I wanted you, Hunter. And you… You rejected me.” She said in between her silent sobs.

“Abigail! I…” but she raised her hand to stop him.

“Let me speak, Hunter. You don’t owe me anything, you know that? You have already done so much for me. I value our friendship a lot.”

“Exactly Abigail. Exactly!” He raised his voice a little so that he could be heard. Because she was not letting him speak. “I never rejected you, love. I stopped you because I value our friendship too.” He held her by her shoulders.

“I did not want you to regret anything. I did not want to wake up with a heavy conscience the next morning. I could not afford to see that.”

It was even more difficult than he had even imagined,

“Abigail. You. Are. Beautiful… I started to stay away from you because I knew what would have happened by staying closer to you. The next morning, I didn’t want to see the regret on your face. I could not bear that.”

When she did not give any response, he turned away and walked to the window, “I know, Abigail. You bought me because you needed someone to stand by you for face saving. You never bought me to…”

Reaching him, she held his arms and turned him angrily towards her, “What does it suppose to mean? What the hell are you talking about?”

He chuckled humorlessly, “I am beside you because you paid me to do it. Now come on, sugar. You paid a price for my services and .” The moment he stopped, Abigail knew what he was referring to.

Oh! He heard!

He heard her when she was telling Molly about…


“I lied. Ok?” She held his shirt in her hands, “Molly had suspected, what my body wanted. This was the only excuse I could give her. To get her off my back. I lied, Hunter.” She whimpered, “I am sorry… I am sorry for hurting you. But it was a lie.”

Hunter started wiping her tears with his thumb, “After that study room incident, I was ignoring you and I know I was being a dickhead. Day by day, it was getting difficult for me to stay away from you. To control my desire for you.”

Her head snapped up in surprise.

“Desire?” she could not believe her ears.

Hunter Levisay had the desire for her?

Hunter nodded, “I have wanted you since our first meeting. But I gave you my word that I won’t lay a finger without your consent. You were innocent, I did not want to take advantage.”

“I am not innocent Hunter. I…”

“I know Abigail.” He chuckled. “You have done it two times. Right?”

She nodded.

He smiled, “If I had stayed anymore closer to you, I could have started begging for your touch.”

She smiled with tear-brimmed eyes, No.” She shook her head, “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t believe me?” he asked in a near whisper.

She shook her head again, fully expecting him to give a long speech to make her believe.

But he did something totally opposite. Something unexpected.

He simply held her hips and very gently pulled her to him, leaning her body completely into his. To make her aware of his hardness.

The proof of his desire was touching her thigh intimately.

Abigail’s eyes went wide, she gulped down looking at him. He was now squeezing her ass.

Looking into her eyes, he nodded slowly trying to make her understand, ” Now, can you feel my desire, Abigail Levisay?”

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Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake

Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: English

Blurb:Abigail Mason wanted a husband to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend and her step sister. With the help of her friend she was supposed to meet a model at a diner, who was broke but could be an ideal husband candidate. Flash news? He was .However, when she reached there she proposed to the wrong guy who was smoking hot and married him the same day.

Who was that ruthless and cold guy? Why was he helping her? Why did his eyes twinkle whenever he looked at her? Was he playing some kind of game? Was he developing feelings for her? Or he just wanted to taste her?Join this roller-coaster ride of love, treachery, friendship with Abigail Mason and Hunter Levisay and discover how love can change one as a person.


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